It’s always so cute when people make up a fake e-mail address pretending to be you and then forward your blog address to the executives in your company.


In fact, we just had the biggest laugh over my creative use of foul language. Heh. Imagine what they heard live and in person!

10 Responses to Silly

  1. Tiff :

    Aw, did someone not think you would learn from hard experience?


    I think I only need one guess…

  2. Lachlan :

    Seriously, someone did that?

    Obviously, they don’t understand the concept of karma and how she bites.

  3. Amy :

    Do you wish to sick the Marmot on this cretin? I’m feeling really cranky and mean this week … I might even be rabid.

  4. Evil Genius :

    Once you’ve identified the asswank, let me know. I’m in just the mood to take care of him/her for you.

  5. The Goddess :

    Oh, I know exactly who it is. And so do the authorities.

  6. Lachlan :

    And as I noted above, Karma surely has that assmunch’s address memorized. I predict she’ll pay him a visit sooner than later.

  7. dawn :

    The beloved employer has been wonderful — they’re not going to let some psycho nutbag interfere with their operations. They’ve got my loyalty for life.

  8. Tiff :

    If you don’t get anywhere with the email provider in question, you may want to consult a lawyer. Impersonation with the intent to defame is certainly civilly actionable, and what happened here may even rise to the level of identity fraud, which in Maryland is a felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $25,000.

    If the email provider drags its feet when it’s just you, it may leap to investigate faster if a subpoena is involved. 😉

  9. Lachlan :

    I agree with Tiff- pursue it down those legal avenues.

  10. Caterwauling :

    […] I was entertaining in my new office yesterday, and my buddy who made it possible was saying that, wow, just two weeks ago I was wondering whether there’d be any fallout from a random act of stupidity inflicted upon my superiors supposedly by me (but not). But all it did was remind everyone that I’m Web-savvy and I got a big fat invitation to develop/administer a Web portal and blog, since I’m so good at it in this very space. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! LOL. I love it. Just LOVE IT. […]