Tuesday Tunage

Another busy week in progress, so here’s the soundtrack to my life at the moment. Right-click/save-as — you know the drill. And don’t forget the song from the previous entry if you missed it.

This was in the CD player when I moved out of Pittsburgh. Although it is equally appropriate for D.C. And the sound of this man’s voice usually precipitates the need for a change of scandalous underwear for me.
Bon Jovi, “Two-Story Town”

This always, ALWAYS pops up on my random shuffle on my ROKR phone as I am walking into work. Three times in the past five days. And it’s excellent driving music.
Sara Evans, “A Real Fine Place to Start”

I like Seal’s version better, but it’s not loaded into iTunes and this one is. Because Seal? Is sexy as hell. 😉
Alanis Morrissette, “Crazy”

Speaking of sexy, I love this song. It’s from “How Stella Got her Groove Back.” I hated the movie, but the soundtrack was fantastic. It’s a rare song that I won’t even sing in the car — I just mellow out and listen to it.
Me’Shell Ndegeocello, “Let Me Have You”

I cry every fucking time I hear this song. I heard it as I was driving to work the other day, and I had to put on sunglasses to skulk through the building to hide in my office. As soon as she gets to “something in blue,” I’m gone.
Lorrie Morgan, “Something in Red”

It’s a classic. No explanations of greatness needed. I rediscovered it after hearing it at a Christmas party last month.
Stevie Wonder, “Love’s in Need of Love Today”

I gave you one of her songs yesterday. As I’ve already tired of playing “Scratch” on a continuous loop, I’ve moved on to this one. There are dozens more that are as good or better, but this sums me up on a day like today.
Kendall Payne, “I’d Rather Be in Love”

And finally, in honor of my boy being in town on Thursday (and me missing him. *sniffle*), my current favorite song of his.
Bon Jovi, “Love Me Back to Life”

4 Responses to Tuesday Tunage

  1. trouble :

    i love it when you share your soundtracks. 🙂

    Mine today included “For those about to Rock (ACDC) and “Down With the Sickness (disturbed)”

    little different but hey. 😉 Differences make the world go round.

  2. Dan :

    Hey Dawn,

    That wasn’t you on DC101 this morning, was it? A girl named Dawn called in and won Bon Jovi tickets in the luxury box, and sounded an awful lot like you. About 9:15 this morning????

  3. Goddess Dawn :

    Oh, Dan, I wish it were me. *sigh* I was listening but I was getting dressed for work and I couldn’t find the f’ing phone to go call in. I’m going to have to kidnap her and go claim the tickets for myself!!! 🙂

  4. Lachlan :

    I can’t DL the Alanis tune. 🙁 It keep erroring. Wah!

    Thanks for the tunage, though, I am liking Kendall Payne!

Private: Tuesday tunage

Pissing off the RIAA, one song at a time. 😉

This song has been stuck in my head for days. Days, I tell you, days. Could be because my CD player in my car is a cheap piece of shit and only plays songs it seems to like and makes all the others skip.

Anyway, I love, love, LOVE this song:

Edie Carey, “I Never Thought I’d Say This”

The lyrics are online here.