Tornado watch in D.C. tonight

The newscasters must have been watching me drive home tonight when they thought they spotted a tornado possibly about to rip through D.C. proper. Because it should always take between 5:45 p.m. and 8 p.m. to get home from work. Jesus Christ.

And seriously? It really does rain less in Seattle. I’m sick of this crap.

More lovely randomness ahead. Slippery when wet, kids. Tread carefully.


Mom makes the best stuffed shells on the planet. She uses meat. Mmm. I really need to get her sauce and filling recipe. The woman is a magnificent cook. She sent shells home with me and I snarfed ’em up tonight. Yum.


Oh, and WTF is “festive business attire”? Anyone? Because I need to come up with something, stat. Preferably something that doesn’t make me look like a sparkly Macy’s parade float. Which, admittedly, is overly likely no matter what I do.


Today’s my friend Shan’s birthday. Happy birthday, girl! Thank you for being such a spectacular friend so that I could see how easy this friendship thing is supposed to be. Good friendships take work, of course, but we both learned that it shouldn’t *feel* like work. Yay for us finding each other in this world and keeping close despite 3,000 miles between us. We haven’t lost a minute, and I love you for that.


I talk to Shan’s daughter Alex on the phone all the time. She’s 2 1/2 and as smart as can be. Love that kid. Normally I hate when people put their kids on the phone (I have old blog entries that I pulled offline that can prove it), but when Alex wants me, I’m thrilled.

She got a new babydoll the other day. Shan called me to put Alex on the phone, who happily chattered that she named her doll “Aunt Dawn.” How nauseatingly CUTE is that?!?!


I was joking with Mom (who is so psychic I cannot stand it) when I’ll be able to find a son-in-law for her (hence, a good guy for me). She said she really didn’t know, but she sees a grandson, if I choose to have it. *eeek!*

The funny thing? Much as I hate kids (minus Alex, natch), I always figured I’d want a boy over a girl. And only one — god, only one. I can barely manage two cats who, for the past two nights, have gotten treats for dinner because I have yet to buy them wet food.

Based upon my conversation with Mom above, I had the weirdest dream last night. Yes, I was knocked up. Yes, it was a boy. Yes, there was actually a father somewhere in the dream. And I got dialogue for the book I’m ALMOST DONE WRITING. Whee!


Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
45,000 / 50,000

National Novel Writing Month is drawing to a close. I’m hovering at 45,000 words. No sleep tonight, kids. I’m only halfway through my outlined scenes at this point, but I’m going to keep going. I owe it to my characters.

And I wrote it fairly bare-bones — no real details like scenery and colors and crap like that. It’s mainly inner monologues and dialogues — almost journalistic in the approach, waffling between editorializing and reporting. And soft-core porn. This thing could very well spiral into the 100,000-word abyss stretch when all is said and done.

Boy, have I screwed up their lives. Heh. Makes me feel SO much better about my own! Well, sort of. 😉


From AlertDC: “The National Weather has canceled the Tornado Watch for the District of Columbia and surrounding jursidictions.” Whee.

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  1. Luna_C :

    Festive business attire: It depends somewhat on your office and the event of course, but I’m thinking you can’t go wrong with a nice conservative suit paired with a glittery, go-out-on-the-town camisole top and high heels…