Total eclipse of my brain

I was supposed to start fasting about a half-hour ago for a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, but I just got home and threw a Lean Cuisine in the microwave. Usually I drive through Wendy’s the night before tests and we all WONDER why my blood pressure comes out high.

Perhaps it comes out high because, before every battery of tests I submit myself to, the day has to be a fustercluck.

It’s clearly OK for people to be morons and convolute the processes beyond recognition and offer no help and ask no questions before looking at you and saying, “Well, it’s your fault you didn’t tell me ‘Simon Says.'” It’s also OK for others to take a dump on our dreams. But to fix these adventures? You’re never going to be able to. So you do your best. And sometimes, it costs a whole buttload of cash to fix someone else’s even-bigger mess.

Of course, there I was proud of myself for all I achieved today, although the “mistake” garnered a, “You did what?” Meanwhile, sometimes it feels like others can do deliberately stupid things and yet they’re still allowed to reproduce, while every gray hair on my head is earned by trying to do what’s in the best interest of the greater good.

This lunar eclipse in Virgo is really testing my ability not only to hold my tongue, but to also refrain from holding a gun to my temple. But my luck, I’d miss and end up as dumb as it feels everyone is trying to make me.

2 Responses to Total eclipse of my brain

  1. Sabre :

    Must be something in the air. Swear to all that is unholy I almost put in my notice today. No offers waiting in the wings, just got so overwhelmed at the absolute insanity of “what do you mean you can’t make it just like ‘insert high dollar website of choice with a multi-million dollar budget and team of 30 here’ site?”

    Oh yeah, I’m right fucking on that.

  2. chris :

    Went to Wendy’s today.

    I’m sure lean cuisine isn’t nearly so bad compared to the “baconator” they’re offering.