Tooths and ties

You know you work with truly selfless, wonderful men when you declare that you are looking for something to hang yourself with and, without thinking, one goes to take off his tie to hand it to you. (To his credit, he realized after the fact what my intentions were and refused to help. Damn!) But doesn’t that say to you that your boys will do anything to help you, if only you just ask? 😉

* * * * *

In other news, I have a dentist’s appointment today. Finally! I had written to cancel the appointment that the 1-800-Dentist people had set up, given that it wasn’t till the end of the week. Stupid me, I had ASSUMED the hotline people had conveyed to them that I was in so much pain, I could barely speak. Hah. Turns out, the original dentist contacted me back to say that they were very sorry to learn that I was in pain — they would NEVER have made me wait if they had known that. Further, they extended an invitation to get my ass over there ASAP for immediate treatment.

Note to the wise: Don’t call a hotline under the auspices of them actually helping you. I’d gone on the 1-800-Dentist Web site, and it had said if this is an emergency, call this number. But all they did was leave a fucking message somewhere for me and clearly didn’t convey the reason WHY I was looking for a dentist on that particular Sunday. Sheesh. And here I was thinking what an asshole the dentist must be to treat an emergency so carelessly. I’d been so pissed off that I just started calling all my colleagues’ dentists till I found the one with the closest appointment time. Which I could/should have just done in the first place! Gah!

One Lonely Response to Tooths and ties

  1. Lachlan :

    I believe there is probably a HIPAA law or something that prevents these services from giving too much info, as well as plain stupidity/laziness. My rule of thumb when it comes to healthcare is to be explicit as possible about the problem. And if you’re in excruciating pain, SAY SO. A variety of conditions can cause really different symptoms in people, so they can’t mindread. (I say “you” in the collective sense, for anyone else who might read this.)

    I’m glad you’re going to get someone to look at this. Take care of it, ASAP. Hopefully they’ll give you good drugs. 🙂