Too much crap

The reason I don’t get anything done is because there’s just too much crap flying around. Not like monkeys flinging poo, although come to think of it, that’s not a bad analogy.

I can’t get anything done between e-mail back-and-forths, phone tag and a million interruptions because I have an “open door” (and e-mail, and instant-message, and phone) policy.

I stopped putting “please do not disturb” signs on my door at my last job with FuckNut would come by, let himself in, and say something stupid just to make sure he would be the one to bother me first. Asshole. Now I don’t do it.

The problem is, I open all my messages and read them but don’t have the time to answer them. Then the computer crashes (usually just Outlook, actually) and my whole pseudo-system of organization goes into the shitter.

Yesterday started off rather auspiciously. And perhaps ended that way, too. And I guess it just means I have to bite the pillow bullet and develop/enforce a plan to at least try to catch up. I mean, I haven’t had a day quite so productive as yesterday in quite some time, but it shouldn’t have taken as many hours as it did to check off what I eventually could and still have so much uncrossed on the list before calling it a week.

Speaking of, I left at some ungodly hour, rushed to the plaza across the street to make a fast dinner order (restaurants close at a certain hour, and they’re known to refuse me 15 minutes before closing. Bastards). I managed to get in for “last call” (no, no bars — I wish, though!) only to realize I had left my phone behind at la oficina. Lord. I almost left it there, but I was good and went back for it.

OH! The day that never ends, part 90. I had to stop at the grocery store to pick up catty litter and kitteh chow. So I tossed everything in my trunk and started flying up the road. I noticed a cop was behind me, and then I noticed NO ONE was behind me. Hmm. Oh yeah, SOMEONE didn’t close her trunk all the way and not only did it fly up, but the bag o’ litter that was precariously perched on a whole bunch of shit in the trunk had started to slide out! GAH!

I stopped somewhere and got my bearings together, but man, thank god the cop didn’t have a bug up his ass and pull me over.

And don’t even talk to me about all the construction on the interstates here. I was trying to have my dinner, take a phone call and merge when no one was feeling particularly charitable about letting a girl in to the only lane that was open. When someone did let me in, I reached up to wave through the sunroof — with sammich in hand. 🙂

Speaking of too much crap, today Maddie crapped in a bag full of purses. At least she didn’t hit the carpet, although the purses aren’t smelling like roses. She did, however, vomit all over the bedroom carpet, so she’s feeling rather satisfied.

The cat has no butt fur right now — she’s a long-haired Calico so I try to keep her as dingleberry-free as I can. So when she can’t drag her shitty ass fur all over the carpet, she instead leaves “shitty kisses” on the floors and walls. Yep, tiny round globs of ass juice for my personal cleanup endeavors. I love being me.

Looking forward to a crap-free day (at least, cat-crap-free). Now to go scrub the carpets I treated just before I started typing this suicide note missive!

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