Donkey butt

In keeping with the “all things ass” theme …

Have you tried the Juan Valdez coffee pods? I figured they’re so expensive from Senseo and El Dorado (not to mention that the latter doesn’t offer all the flavors online) that I’d get the cheap Juan Valdez wonders.

And the coffee tastes like a burro’s ass.


I did visit the Juan Valdez cafe in Manhattan, but I don’t remember feeling like I licked an asshole that had been sitting on mud for a couple decades.

I’m just going to suck it up and order “real” coffee pods from now on. Unless that “unique” aftertaste is a usable amount of crack, I can’t finish this pack. *barf*

2 Responses to Donkey butt

  1. SilverBlue :

    You, my dear, owe me a cup of my Saville Orange coffee which was spewed after reading your description of that toxic pod which was attempting to masquerade as coffee.

    Fortunately, I missed the laptop and the wood floor ended up polished.

  2. senseo coffee pods :

    senseo coffee pods…

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