Told you so

I had this assclown who worked for me for a long time.

She wasn’t always an assclown. We were quite good friends for several years.

But apparently she said something about her mother (a New Yorker) wishing she lived in Florida so she could vote for Ron DeSantis for governor.

DeSantis, I knew, was a tRump puppet. And there was no fucking secret that I think tRump is a destructive piece of shit who was sent here to hand America over to Russia and plagues and what the fuck ever.

Oh hello, which of us was right?!

In any event, I was joking with her and I don’t remember what I said because that wasn’t the nature of our relationship to tiptoe.

But apparently I said Mom better stay home on Election Day because I might run her over in the parking lot before she got to pull the lever for DeSantis.

Literally, I do not remember any of this but I do remember this chick treating me like absolute garbage from that day forward.

Meanwhile she would never follow dress code. She would boo-hoo about her tummy and bunny troubles and I would let her stay home. She had an odor about her most days, too. And she was super-productive at home anyway.

At some point I approached her and said hey if you are looking for another job, give me a heads-up. She asked why I would say that and I said you haven’t spoken to me in weeks and I don’t know why and you keep saying everything is fine.

Sure enough — after she WALKED THE FUCK OUT two hours before my vacation started — someone finally told me a few weeks later that she was trashing me all over the company.

Funny that she was making too good a money for her talent level, but she was suddenly butthurting about a joke I don’t even remember making.

In any event, I am sitting here watching Ron DeSantis — who refused to lock down the state and we are the next New York as far as coronavirus hotspots — now on live TV, telling us to go back to school and work.

And I say this.

Not only should we have mowed down every old fart who didn’t like the Democratic African American gubernatorial candidate before they got to vote for the asshole who makes his predecessor Rick Scott look like a great governor …

Rick Scott who somehow won a Senate seat over the awesome Bill Nelson …

And don’t get me fuckin started about that asshole Marco Rubio or that human shitshow Matt Gaetz …

But yeah. How do you fuckers like me now, when I was RIGHT about all their corruption?

Suck a dick, all of you.

Although you probably can’t even get THAT right, either.

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