That time when I contemplated opening up my social media again and pulled The Devil, Three of Swords and The Chariot.

TL;DR: Hard pass, G.

That’s what set me off in the first place. I was trying to lie low and basically fuck off. But I got a follow that started a series of events that turned any shitheel feelings into irreverence.

I didn’t realize that till the same entity tried again to get my attention the same way.

Interesting how they have to bother me to come play with them. Hard p…

This time, the part of me that once again wanted to point out their lack of understanding, suddenly didn’t need to.

Funny how the second tag pushed me out of the very rabbit hole it was meant to suck me back into.

I lost a friendship that will never come back for as long as this continues. Or maybe ever.

Maybe next lifetime, possibly.

That’s the alpha and omega, bookended by tweets.

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