Caesar: “The ides of March have come.”
Seer: “Aye, Caesar, but not gone.”

The good news: The HOA finally approved me to move in to my new place. The bad news, that’s the only progress I’ve made.

I’m doing battle with the scale. The stress is doing me in.

The date went OK. He offered to help with the move. I am not a fan of asking for, or accepting, help because the thought of owing people makes me insane.

The only moment of sanity I experienced this moment is when I read “The Ultimate Guide to Changing Your Life.” I’ve seen this guy speak a few times and I’d love to be his editor.

That post is all over the map (as is this one), but it made me feel less alone that I’m all over the map and lost and scared and disappointed and frustrated and angry and a little bit crazy too.

Like I tried to tell myself in a slightly insane moment yesterday, change is supposed to hurt. That’s what makes us want to get through it as fast as possible once it starts.

I just wish people didn’t find it necessary to scar my soul and distract me from concentrating on me and what’s important to me in the meantime.

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