Tiny victories are victories nonetheless

I use a lot of Web sites in an average day in my work. Anyone eavesdropping on my Internet usage would think I’m fucking around most of the day, because I have a lot of bizarro searches and get led into the weird abyss of all the juicy goodness that is out there for people in my field. And don’t ask, but I had to look up freaking Jennifer Lopez today for an honest-to-goodness professional reason!

But the fun part is when I couldn’t find something I needed on a dictionary site. I knew the definition of the word I was looking up but I often misspell it on first attempt. So I wrote in to the site and said my god, why on earth do you not define what I think is an oft-used phrase in my world? They wrote back and said, hey, we agree. We’ll define it for ya. Thanks for playing.

I figured it was a very nice response and that would be the end of it. But today, I was drafting up something for Monday, and I briefly wondered about that damn word. And I thought, enh, I want to check and see if it’s added. And HOLY SHIT, it was! I was responsible for the addition of something to a Web site about stuff I didn’t even understand just a year and a half ago. My boss would be so proud. Or maybe not as impressed with me as I happen to be right now. Whichever. 😉 In any event, that’s how little it actually takes to make my day!

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