This one’s for Angie and Scot

I was just looking for something to wear, and I had a memory from one of a recent tryst. At the time, it was one of those, “I have GOT to blog about this!” moments. So, here goes.

As I was trying to collect my clothing, scavenger-hunt style, from a gentleman friend’s abode circa 4 a.m., I could not find everything. Specifically, my shirt. And a la “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion,” I stood there and declared, as Lisa Kudrow did in Sandy’s limo, “I can’t find my top!”

I figure only R&M fans would get that. But it made me giggle.

And yes, my friend found my top. Under a couch cushion, of course. How the hell it got there is anybody’s guess. …. 😉

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