This land is MY land

I can’t prove it. I’m thinking there’s a sin of omission on the information-provision front. But I’ve had a very ugly feeling that an evil presence was going to show up on my sands this week. And for all that has been going, well, NOT RIGHT, I think my guess is spot-on.

I just wish Elphaba would hop the fuck back on her broom and un-taint my peaceful and serene part of the world. (And it is MINE, not YOURS. Know this.)

This was supposed to be a great week and I am convinced the dark cloud above me is the presence of — well, maybe not evil, but someone I would definitely NOT be friends with.

Of course, if I could just get (and keep) my head on straight, I wouldn’t care. It’s the “keeping” part that’s a continual challenge.

I can’t explain it just yet. One day when I write my autobiography, I will. Till then, I’ll be burning a white candle for protection. …

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