This, again

Today’s Gemini horoscope, courtesy of Before you give your heart to someone new, be sure they can be trusted with it first.

I’ll be better tomorrow. But forgive me if I just take tonight to be thoroughly exhausted, sad and just plain confounded by it all.

Universe, I know you’ve got your reasons. But right now, there isn’t one I would accept as logical.

It’s weird to go from, “I can’t wait!” for something great to happen, to “I can’t wait” to move to the next phase of my life.

You just wonder where these thoughts come from and hope that no one else witnessed them. You also wonder whether one day you can have those pivotal moments, know what to do with them and see them work in person the way they somehow did in your head, even for as briefly as they were there.

Maybe there really are life-changing moments, and you know them to see them. And maybe one day you’ll let them happen however they should, as opposed to overthinking it. Damn logic and reason. Damn it to hell, anyway.

I’ll be the one huddled in a ball in the corner, if anyone needs me. …

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