Lest anyone think I can actually ponder all the existential b.s. for any amount of time longer than it takes me to snarf in a tall skinny cinnamon-dolce latte, let’s talk about some more-critical matters here today.

So, OK, I really don’t have enough of a rack to fill up my shirts. And I’m sad to say the reason why I hate dropping pounds is because the boobage is always the first to go.

Le sigh.

So I’m wearing my favorite shirt, the one I will actually miss when it’s not even in the ballpark of fitting anymore. And what used to be tight across the chest now has become a plunging neckline. And the damn thing keeps unbuttoning itself without the, ah, tension that used to keep it in place.

Oh well, it’s a small price to pay, I guess. I admit, I’m just glad I’ve gone from “bread bowl” down to “muffin top.”

Progress: I’ll take it any way I can get it!

Back to the peep show. …

One Lonely Response to Levity

  1. chris hayes :

    Not poncho and lefty…anything but poncho and lefty!!!!!!