Thinking inside the bento box

It’s my niece’s 10th birthday. Even though her mom is not my biological sister, she sure is my soul one.

I haven’t seen them in years, like, since she was a baby. But every year on this day, I text her mom because they’re both on my mind.

Today the little one took the phone and was texting with me. She is so sweet and well-spoken. She sent me a photo and told me all about her 10th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. We parted with a “Love you, Aunt (Goddess)!” and my heart melted.

I type all of this to say that I missed out on so many life events this year … a dear friend’s wedding (I didn’t even RSVP because the very act of telling her, “Oh hey, remember how I had to miss out on everything because of work throughout the years? IT CONTINUES” gave me anxiety) … a baby shower, a trip to Europe … and so much more.

But it wasn’t just this year. It’s every year. Mostly it’s because of money because I don’t want to travel and then be chained to the VPN all day. (Seriously, workdays shouldn’t COST MONEY.)

And talking with my favorite little girl (who is now a gorgeous YOUNG LADY), my heart is both light and heavy at the same time. I missed out on so much … not just of her life, but my own.

Work has slowed down this week. And I find that I miss being psychotically busy. And I know it’s only a very short matter of time before the new projects start kicking my ass even harder than the old ones.

I love working. I love what I do. I love creating and being a source of awesome things. But is it time to bento-box that love into eight-hour compartments and go fill up the other hours with stuff that will keep my heart as healthy as my mind?

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