These dreams I dream

I just made my inaugural online purchase that ships to my new office. Whee! Wait till they get a load of my online shopping habit that helps me to cope with all my stress …

Had a goofy dream last night that the shiny new office got taken away from us and instead we had to rent a large restroom at a local hotel. The boss had the accessible stall, marketing was next to him, I was next to marketing and my new hire was next to me.

We had to provide our own laptops. And we still had to get on our daily conference calls even though we were in pissing distance. I think that was the scariest part of the nightmare, for me, when the boss announced to the group, “Goddess just joined the call” and I thought, sheesh, like you couldn’t bean me with a toilet paper roll.

I think it’s hilarious that something good finally, finally happens for us and I have the fear of God in me that it will be taken away.

Funny how life conditions you that way.

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