Then and now

Last time I got a good sleep was a year ago when I lived on the island and all I could see in every direction was the Intracoastal Waterway. 

This is the only photo I ever took of my bedroom, one week before the movers came. 

I miss it. 

That apartment is finally back on the market for $700 a month more than I paid. Which, I paid a lot. All they did was switch out the rails and put glass in its place. 

I’m not thinking of moving back. The problems were too big and so is the price tag. 

Here, I just wish someone would tell the twit above me that he can get help for his tiny bladder, as he flushes at least three times a night and wakes up my whole household. 

And he should keep his stash in his pocket so I don’t have to hear him open all 12 drawers at 11 pm and 4 am every goddamn day. 

And take off the high heels when you’re jazzercizing at 1 am over mom’s head please. 

In any event. Sleep.  I miss you so. But to say something positive, crackhead woke me up to see a pretty sky today


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