How ‘Undercover Boss’ changed my mindsetĀ 

I had already knocked out three projects today before anyone else located their left nut. Or sock. Whichever.  

My to-do list is huge. And I’m still sore that I couldn’t attend the events I BOUGHT TICKETS FOR on Friday. It started at six and I was done after 7. 


But a funny thing happened that night. 

“Undercover Boss” was coming on at 8. They were featuring Marco’s Pizza. So I decided I wanted my tomato and spinach pizza from Marco’s. Which is divine. 

The parking lot was overflowing. So I parked by a business that I’d never seen before. And I decided to visit it on Saturday. 

Saturday morning, I went in and was told to come back later to see Heather, who couldn’t get her shit together to be there on time. 

I came back and no Heather. But then I met Gabe. 

And true to his name, this dude was sent from heaven. 

I don’t really want to get into it here. But work dry-humping my free time yet again led to an honest-to-goodness miracle taking place. 

I haven’t felt this at peace in quite some time. It gives me faith that things you want are possible. I have been quietly praying and believing and improving my karma. 

And just like that, it worked. 

I am humbled. 

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