The R-rated titles I’ve contemplated for this post …

Oh, what the hell — I have to do it. What girl DOESN’T want a lil designer dark chocolate in her?

I feel better now. Carry on. …

Seen at the lovely Shawn’s over at Everything and Nothing, CocoaBella allows you to handpick a sumptuous assortment of chocolates ranging from Rosemary Caramel to Bananas Foster to Russian Tea (with cloves).

Of particular interest to me: Prairie Thyme Habanero Sauce. With a jar full of that, I suspect that when I utter my usual command of “Eat me,” I wouldn’t get any protest!

In any event, I probably won’t have time to get there when I go to the left coast later this month, but I do understand a field trip to Bittersweet Cafe is on the itinerary. Believe me, it’s not the worst sacrifice/setback I’ve had to encounter in regard to this trip!

One Lonely Response to The R-rated titles I’ve contemplated for this post …

  1. Sabre :

    Mmmm… designer dark chocolate.

    Oh wait, I’m only supposed to think about stuff like that once a day.