Once a day? Try once a minute!

I decided what I want to be when I grow up — a doctor on “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Think about it — they’re paid six figures for putting in 14-hour days. Occasionally, they save a life and it reaffirms their career choice. But more importantly, they do a fat lot of nothing other than having lots of sex with inappropriate partners in inappropriate places.

Sounds like the workplace of the year to me!

So until I get a job being “Meredith Grey,” alas, I resign myself to actually having to work. So pfft. But I have my coping mechanisms. You have to. My mind is a hotbed of unrelated activity — that’s what we mean by multitasking, kids.

Sabre, however, pointed us to an article that claims women only think about sex once per day — opposed to every 52 seconds for men. I admit, I can go longer than a whole minute without thinking about it, but not by much.

I’m not saying boys and girls aren’t wired differently. We are. I get that. I am surrounded by introverted men all day and have tried to mold myself to an environment where I speak as little as possible. Doesn’t stop me from yearning for interaction and brainstorming time that’s not done alone at my desk. So when that article claims women speak 20,000 words a day to a man’s 7,000, I’m not arguing with it. But I also find that they’ll talk when you find something they’re passionate about.

And insofar as sexual fantasies versus talking? I assure you, I’d happily quit flappin’ my yapper in mid-orgasm. Keep ’em (er, me) comin’ and I’m pretty positive that nothing resembling an articulate word will ever be uttered in your presence. …

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