The literati vs. the illiterati

I have zero idea how I have smart friends voting for Trump. 

At least I can explain the lazy people from school (and mom’s. Wow they cray up there)  who never amounted to much and had three husbands and 10 kids and expect to be taken care of. Clearly they don’t realize us Trump Twos will be deported so he doesn’t have to look at us. 

Everyone wants to attack the media for being too liberal. Which, here in this final stretch where no one cares about Trump’s Russia ties and the FBI obviously throwing the race his way, hell yes. I am glad the media is saying “Jesus Christ you illiterate fucks — don’t vote for him.”

I hate that the emails are still an issue. I hate that hate speech and nasty tweets are preferable to thought and strategy and agonizing over every decision, as those emails prove again and again. 

I never thought of myself as the literati. Unlike most Trump voters I know, I studied hard and worked hard and sacrificed everything to get a little success. I don’t get a handout. I don’t expect one. And I don’t go name-calling the other candidate because I actually can make a reasonable argument without looking like a petulant child. 

I wish one of my smart friends whose sensibilities have short-circuited can talk intelligently why they think a misogynistic, violence-inciting failure of a businessman and morally bankrupt human being should be the face of my America. 

This is not the year to “fix” centuries of politics. This is the year to make sure we aren’t shipping the gays off to concentration camps and allowing even more of a rape culture than we already have. 

I’m not sure though whether I fear that fool in charge or a revolt among the illiterati if he doesn’t. 

That’s not my America. I have every seriously been contemplating Cuba as a less-ridiculous regime to live under. Ponder that for a moment. 

Anyway. The good (or at least better) guys still have a chance to win. 

Let’s make America Clinton Again on Tuesday, people. 

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