The highlight of my day

I have a colleague in Pennsylvania who I have e-mailed with about 40 billion times but we’ve never talked. Today he called. Good gravy, there is nothing that makes me happier than hearing a man with a sex-ay phone voice. I couldn’t even concentrate on what the hell I was even saying! Too bad the call was being recorded, but at least that kept me honest and professional and stuff. Rowr.

It certainly took the sting out of a meeting scheduled for 11 being moved to 10 without me or another colleague actually knowing about it. Getting a call that the meeting can’t start without me as it was supposed to be my meeting and all (I didn’t call it, but I was using it to my advantage) was slightly unsettling. I didn’t even get to have coffee before it started! My other colleague came to me at 11 asking why there was no meeting. Communication, I tell ya. Communication!

And I’m not even going to BEGIN discussing the drama that arose in the interim. Suffice it to say, I have earned all of these gray hairs FAIR and SQUARE!!!

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