The best kind of gossip to hear about yourself

I’ve noticed that when I dwell on negative things, more seem to suddenly appear. Or maybe they were always there, but they become more prominent.

So today I want to focus on something wonderful that happened last week, at a time I needed it most.

What my current crop of colleagues doesn’t realize is how well-connected I am in the field. People’s names they drop, I could tell stories about. Good stories. Which I try to share if asked.

I used to work in business development as my “side job” to editorial, so I know a lot. But these days I work in “work we really need minions to do” as my “side job” at work, and others are starting to meet my old connections.

If I had my way in this universe, I would introduce people to each other. I really would love that. I miss Biz Dev and I hope to get back to it someday. It might have to be in a few years or maybe in another lifetime, but in a moment you’ll see why it has to become a part of my life again.

I was having a Bad Day and a colleague says to me, oh hey I just got to talk to a gal you may know.

She says the name. I smile. Yes, I have good memories of that relationship.

My friend says, “The girl knows you work here now. She said, ‘Oh, you work with Goddess? LOVE HER!'”

My friend goes on to list the compliments the gal paid me.

Most notably, my friend said, “I was on the phone with her, and I could hear her grinning from ear-to-ear as we talked about you.”

My heart swelled. To have someone I respect so much, telling someone else I respect very much, that I rock? Wow.

Just, wow.

Now a part of me shouldn’t be surprised because I try very hard to rock. 🙂

But to have my name out there in the universe — in such a wonderful way — really, really made me happy.

As I said, it was a Bad Day. And this reminded me that I was Somebody before this adventure and I will continue to be Somebody after it, no matter what was said to me that day that broke my spirit.

The moral to the story? Your good deeds will follow you, and catch up with you at just the right time. So keep doing them, even when the easy choice is NOT to do them.

Thank you to the gal who honored me with her praise, and to the gal who shared it with me. Both of you are high atop my gratitude list today.

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