The $140 gym visit

Subtitle: The ‘But Wait, There’s More … And Still More’ Entry

No, I didn’t buy a membership — I got PULLED OVER in the two blocks between my apartment and the fucking health club.

Apparently my plate or something has been suspended because I never got my emissions done. Huh? It took me hundreds of dollars to get the inspection/emissions done and they DIDN’T DO THE EMISSIONS?

I miss living in Virginia and Pennsylvania, where they were done together. Oh, but NO … I have to drive out to East Bumfuck to get them done. On a workday.

This cost will be ON TOP OF the $140 ticket.

I would REALLY like to know why other people’s screw-ups become my responsibility, and then my own screw-ups come to bite me on the other ass cheek. Seriously.

Here’s the real fun in all this — I had arrived at the gym around 8:30 p.m. Got a parking spot in the lot tonight and didn’t have to leave this precious EXPENSIVE vehicle in the delicious, delicious McDonald’s lot. Got down to the club and realized I was severely lacking in, um, WORKOUT WEAR.

So, I had to run home to get it. And I changed while I was here. Whatever. No big deal.

I went to grab my wallet and, oh yeah, here’s the kicker — I CHOSE not to take my driver’s license. Like I told the cop, after I got a lecture for not having it, “I figured I couldn’t POSSIBLY get pulled over during a two-block drive.”

head —> desk

This is my third ticket in this goddamned neighborhood in fewer than six weeks. GAH. I’d like to know why I’m always hemorrhaging money and not commensurately bringing it in. Universe, got any answers on that one?!?!

Oh, heh, one last thing. Got a letter in the mail today from the rental office. Rent’s going up $75 a month. Of course it is. Why wouldn’t it? And why on earth would I be surprised that the letter would arrive TODAY?!?!

One Lonely Response to The $140 gym visit

  1. karmajenn :

    Sweet freaking lord. You know there’s nothing better to do when they are checking plates.

    VA’s no picnic either, tho. I got stopped THREE TIMES in 24 hours once for expired registration. That literally just expired. THREE. TIMES. Revenue-maker much?