Happy place … almost

“How am I supposed to tell you how I feel?
I need oxygen.”

— Colbie Caillat, “Oxygen”

I’ve spent the past three days fixing a very expensive screw-up. (Luckily, I didn’t make it; I just care enough to rectify it.) I just got past the halfway point in the battle; the rest is contingent upon everyone I talked to, actually having listened to me.

It’s been the week of crisis, chaos and conundrums. And even if no one appreciates how much heartache has been caused/expended, I know I did my best to drag this ever-growing pile of bricks from points A to B.

That said, I have a happy place in my mind. I haven’t let myself go there in a long time. And I don’t know if I got new information in my mind that allowed me to go back there, or whether I just said damn it, I need my security blanket, but I’ve been retreating to a place that’s safe, warm, fuzzy and full of hope.

It’s amazing how good one can manage to feel just by breathing in some untainted air, even if it is probably just an illusion.

One Lonely Response to Happy place … almost

  1. fizzgig :

    You need more stuff I can make snide comments about. Srsly dood.