That’s what I get for double-booking

I figure, I don’t ask the universe for much. And I certainly have to find ways to juggle, so I committed to two things tonight. One event was splendid and the other was a non-event.

Apparently it was too much to ask for both to go swimmingly.

I did a little bit of networking today. Which was what went well and especially because I didn’t run into anybody I didn’t want to run into. Always a plus. I ain’t complainin’. 😉 And it’s great to be around people who thought you would turn out well — those who trained and mentored you and who are happy at how far you’ve come and where you’re headed. I feel quite validated at the moment.

The other event, well, enh. I lasted one drink (and I’d asked the bartender to special-make me a frozen key lime martini. Which was the highlight to the month of March) and decided to write off the night as a waste of scandalous underwear. Although, for a moment, I had that flash of maybe wanting to slap a “free to good home” bumpersticker to my ass, but enh again. Not worth the effort.

Maybe I’ve grown up. Or maybe I’m too lazy for the muss and fuss of the one-nighter. It’s like the proverbial shooting of fish in the proverbial barrel. I know good things are in store and I’ve waited too long to simply screw up before (and be distracted when) they can come around. I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself of anything. Well, OK, maybe there is that tiny fear that I’ll fall out of practice. Then again, I’ve been doing fine riding the training wheels in the interim. 😉

I’ve achieved a very weird and welcome zen during my vacation time. Things just are the way they are, in both the micro and the macro aspects. I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to make waves in some instances and to NOT make any in others. But in my recent quietude, I’ve communed with Inspiration quite often. And she reminds me that I’m on the cusp of a series of life-changing decisions and forward velocity, and I know I’ll land where I need to — and maybe, just maybe, even where I want to. And my challenge is to remain strong in the interim and pass these tests like I’ve done with all the ones prior.

I’m not giving up on the double-booking methodology, however. I’ve got a lot of happiness to catch up on, and given how little I’ve had (or allowed myself to have) in recent years, I’m looking forward to twice as much to come my way, and soon.

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