Termite Towers

Moving update: survived.

Old dump update: My place is being boarded up as I speak.

New place update: My realtor, who was crashing there while her condo was being renovated, did not clean as thoroughly as mom and I cleaned the dump.

And try cleaning without ventilation (i.e., with all your windows bolted shut). Mom and I are still feeling like crap between the construction dust and the cleaning fumes.

I hope that miserable twunt in the management office gives me back my deposit. The first Evil Landlady (we’re on 6-ish now) stole one of my deposits because she said it was clean but it didn’t smell good. WTF. So now if EL6 gets cute, I think Mom and I will go create a crime scene with her blood on those clean floors.

In any event, appropriately enough for Easter, I can say, “It is finished.”

Not to compare to what Jesus went through or anything. But I moved out with seven other people this weekend. So, as far as Termite Towers is concerned, we had far more casualties here in the modern day.

 Goodbye, perfect last sunset. 


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