Hiring hell, redux

I was fortunate to have a slow day today. It’s been three years since I’ve had a slow day. I’m using it to be 23rd in line at Comcast. 

I wish I had someone great to cover me. Great, mediocre, breathing. Whichever. Not picky as long as they have a basic grasp of English. Or something. 

In any event I’m hiring again. I have seven out of 30 resumes looking varying degrees of promising. 

One candidate has a killer resume. But did not send clips. So, strike one. 

Anyway, desperate times and all. And a-Googling Goddess went. 

I cannot put into words the perfect shitpile this person’s first article was. 

Do you blame the writer … Do you blame this major publication for not putting an editor on the job … Or was the original copy fine and they put an incompetent kid on it who thought he made it “gooder”?

I’ll have to look at more clips before I can make an assessment. But if anyone asks why I don’t take a day off even when my body is screaming and my house is in tatters, this is Exhibit A. 

Now I have to wait behind some dipshit calling himself White Chocolate who is breakdancing in his suit to pass the time.  W00t. Is this what I miss when I’m cooped up?



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