Talk of the Rock

Hanging at the HOA cookout today.

Good looking Swedish/Finnish guy starts talking to the people on grill patrol. Says:

“I don’t know how men have five, 10 wives. I have two women and I can’t take it anymore.”

All Fraggles and Doozers’ ears perk up. They ask how he got himself two!

He pulled out a fat wallet, bursting with dollars and euros.

No one:

Me: You need a third?

Twenty minutes later, as I’m still waiting for my Impossible Burger, everyone is still talking, “And then this younger girl asks if he wants a third!”

To be fair, I’ve never cared thing one about anyone’s wallet. It’s all about what’s in their hearts and heads.

But hey, he was kind of cute for a a septuagenarian.

And mom always tells me get us a husband. She didn’t say whose!

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