Someone give me a chip. Preferably Utz

Thirty days sober.

Social media sober.

Although hey, thanks for the gift off my Amazon registry. Damn, that’s some next-level stalking. But I love presents. So, thanks.

In any event, it’s been 30 days since I visited any of the near two dozen sites that chip away at my IQ.

Mmm chips.

A couple friends are still seeded and one asked if I want an update for old time’s sake.

I said hard pass, G. And unsub yoself. You live in the Acela corridor. Look outside instead for some high-speed wreckiness of the train variety.

Unsub Yoself.

I gotta get me that on a T-Shirt.

Best month ever. Looking forward to repeating it.

But first, chips.

ETA 3/13: Math never was my strong suit. It was 32 days at the time of writing. 36 today.

I just told my West Coast crime partner I can physically feel my IQ rising again.

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