‘Takin’ what they’re giving ’cause I’m workin’ for a living’

I may not have anybody up my cooch, as of this typing, but I sure have an army up my ass these days.

I admit, I’m a little irritated that I missed a ticketed event last night thanks to that thing that both pays the bills and takes more years off my life than a thousand cartons of Marlboro Lights.

Sure, I could have gone late. Yes, I’m the one who ultimately decided that I didn’t feel like changing into semi-formal clothes, doing my makeup, hopping on the Metro and forcing myself to be social after the day I had.

It’s my own damn fault that I missed out on the awesome swag (cosmetics and such) because of my own homicidal tendencies. But damn, can’t a girl even get a half-hour in which to simply pull herself together and not always have to be rushing from one thing to the next?

I actually woke up this morning and thought it was Saturday. That there could not POSSIBLY be one more workday left in this week. Hah. WRONG.

Well, before I get forced at gunpoint back into the hamster wheel, a moment of levity. You’ve got to love a male doctor who puts you in stirrups and compliments you on the fact that your toenail polish matches them! (They were purple.)

A friend asked me whether I get freaked out at the hoo-ha doc since you’ve got your ass hanging out and such. I said no — perhaps too many people saw it in my 20s, so I think it should be housed in the Smithsonian with other property that belongs to the public. 😉

I’m more vulnerable when it’s my soul on display. Which, luckily I guess, I don’t have the time of day to do, so at least something is being preserved during this ridiculous era of my life. ‘Cause it sure as hell ain’t my sanity or the will to keep up this pace for much longer. …

One Lonely Response to ‘Takin’ what they’re giving ’cause I’m workin’ for a living’

  1. ms7168 :

    I worked with mostly girls and it seemed most of them preferred a female hoo-ha Dr.

    I suffered the inhumanity and shame myself recently when I went in for a prostate procedure and what did they have at the table there but stirrups! One of the nurses grabbed a towel and placed it over my privates so as to preserve a little of my dignity. Fortunately about that time the anethesia kicked in so I didn’t care 🙂