OK, so I’ve never in my life watched an eppy of “The Sopranos.” But since we were in a house with HBO last night, the remaining partygoers plopped down to watch the season finale.

As Ian said, “I want the last hour of my life back!”

God, horrible. Just, pointless. I figure, the producers clearly weren’t going for ratings, as everyone and their godfather was watching it and there’s no reason to compel people to tune in next week or next season. But, come ON people. How can you sleep at night after putting out such SHIT?

I expected some sort of resolution, but the resolution is that, here are some loose ends — you figure it out. Like a goddamned choose-your-own-adventure novel. Puh-leeze!

As Ian and I were leaving the par-tay, a guy on his cell phone came upon us, as he was walking his dog. He looked at us and remarked, “Did you just watch that stupid piece-of-shit show?” (Or something like that — believe me, it doesn’t even adequately convey the disgust.) We said we indeed had and BOY, so not worth it.

That’s all I have to say. I was looking so forward to discussing how terrific the episode was and how I totally needed to rent the show on DVD. But you know what? I’m glad I didn’t waste any more time with it than I already did.


3 Responses to Suckpranos

  1. Tiff :

    You know, I thought the ending was a really interesting artistic choice. Like, you can see all these possible endings converging on the restaurant and then… cut. Not a fade to black, not a slow pan away, just a quick cut, literally in mid-phrase.

    One of those possible endings came to pass. But it’s like the writers said… “you know, the ending isn’t the point, it’s the ride that got you there. After all these years, it’s not the ENDING that matters.”

    Or maybe your unseen, third-party narrator is the one who got whacked.

  2. Mindy :

    I agree with Tiff. Hi Tiff (whoever you are). I personally felt like, watching the episode, I know now how it feels to be Tony with a serious serving of post-traumatic stress thrown in. I mean, granted, my heart was racing and I was on the edge of my seat the entire episode waiting for the gratuitous violence that never happened. Instead, I got to watch an episode of the family struggling to pretend everything’s back to normal, that money protects you, family protects you, when Tony’s clearly looking over his shoulder at any abrupt movement…It was almost a Finnegans Wake-esque ending. I say, “well-done.”

  3. Mindy :

    I agree with Tiff (Hi Tiff, whoever you are!), the ending was very artsy. I, too, was ready for massive, gratuitous violence, but I have more respect for the on-the-edge-of-my-seat episode that aired. What better connection with the characters than to feel Tony’s post-traumatic stress the entire episode and see how he and his family use their money, trying to achieve normalcy. I love how they fall short of this, evident in Tony’s eyeing every character’s movements, unable to relax, evident in the others’ shallowness. I love the abrupt, mid-sentence, mid-thought ending–it was almost Finnegans Wake-esque.

    –My $0.02 worth…