Stranger in a strange land

I figure Iron Maiden is a nice break from Metallica in my post titles. But given that Vince Neil was invited to play at inauguration, it appears the America the Angry Yam wants to return us to is circa 1983. (The “Theater of Pain” era. How quaint.)

It was in 1984 when I wrote to then-President Reagan to complain that he took away the steelworker jobs in Pittsburgh and my family broke up because of it.

And how all the people I grew up with vote Republican now is BEYOND ME.

Of course, how my candidate won the popular vote by more than 1.7 million and we’re stuck with this Cheeto-colored turd is even more BEYOND ME.

But anyway.

No rage here. None at all.

I forget what I even came here to blog about now.

Also, fuck Trump.

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