Story time!

It’s been a while since I posted a no-good-very-bad-day entry. Mostly because the four people who stressed me out most (neighbors notwithstanding) are gone from my life and I am THRILLED to be alive without their collective weight crushing my soul.

But let’s go for it today.

1. Woman I never particularly cared for left me a ripping message on my Faceypages wall to tell me she thinks I’m a bully (?). The phrase “your stupid” was part of her missive.

1.a. So … thank you for posting something offensive to MY wall about ME in regard to things I post to MY wall.

1.b. P.S. It’s YOU’RE, you twit.

2. 24/7 fire alarms going off notwithstanding, there is maintenance being done in every bathroom, on every floor. So I go to the coffee shop next door to pee.

2.a. And my toilet is broken at home and my landlord won’t write me back because I also told him I want to move out because I can’t take the upstairs neighbors anymore. Can’t pee at home either.

3. Oh yeah someone is at every exit door, scraping the paint off the doors. So it’s not like you can GO PAST THEM to go down the stairs to go to the coffee shop next door.

4. Did I mention the elevator isn’t working and that the fact that its wires smell like they’re burning is probably WHAT IS MAKING THE FIRE ALARMS GO OFF ALL DAY AND NIGHT?

5. This place smells pretty awful too. Is it smoke? Is it wet trash? Is it the wires in my head crossing and creating a brush fire?

Other than that? It’s a pretty good day, Tater. One less idiot I have to worry about posting to my Facebook wall (I got unfwiended. Waaah. Not). And climbing down the falling-apart fire escape sure beats having to push the cat out of the litterbox when I have to go.

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