I’ll just leave this here

I always want to post about matters of the heart here since matters of the workforce, even dredged up from the distant past, could lead to matters of financial instability.

But hell. Countries can remain financially unstable and even insoluble for decades.

So, somebody feel FREE to point me to the person who supposedly wrote in to an advice columnist to complain that her employee refuses to work just 40 hours a week.

Who’s the employer, Fantasyland?

(Even the most-slackerest of bosses — yes that’s a word in my world — want you to work 80 hours. I can only imagine that she’s tired of feeling/appearing useless while her M-plaw-eee dances circles around her.)

In any event, matters of the heart are easier when one HAS a heart. But let’s give it a shot.

I saw something that disturbed me on Facepayges.

No, not the dumb bitch calling me a bully because of her own delusional butthurt.

But I saw a friend in a terrible situation’s significant other post about their terrible situation as if it was the greatest thing ever. Like, life is exactly the way THAT person wants it to be. So, bully for the rest of you.

There are times when I think I could even be friends with this person, if it were a different world. After all, if I got my way (and it might look like that person’s way), I’d be pretty happy too.

But knowing that happily ever after looks different for the two people in it, my heart dropped into my cute new shoes.

Like good for you. Glad someone’s happy there. Maybe look past the schnauz on your puss and see that you’re the only one jumping for joy that you got everything you wanted.

Of course maybe for my friend, getting what you want is simply getting someone who is happy to be with you. Even if it’s not the slightest bit on your terms. Or maybe their terms become yours.

I don’t know. Not my place, as I’ve always said. Nobody asked my opinion, and I ain’t giving it.

But that doesn’t stop my black little heart from turning a tinge blue, like “Sadness” from “Inside Out” somehow was able to lay a finger upon it.

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