Stop tolerating. Start growing.

Whack-job neighbors must have gone away for the weekend. It was gloriously quiet till Sunday night.

I was hoping they got evicted or maybe the loudmouth bitch left the whiny asshole. But I hear their tiny terrors destroying the place. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before the shitshow makes another splash.

It occurs to me how I do a whole lot of tolerating in this life. Maybe you can relate …


Speaking of tolerating things to the point of being mildly comfortable with them, I saw this note in my inbox from Ramit Sethi.

Again, see if you can relate …

If you’ve gotten good at something, this is a pivotal moment. If you’ve lost 50lbs, your friends will say, “You should be happy! Stop losing weight! You’ll get too skinny!”

If you’re running a business, people around you will say exactly the same thing. “Why are you killing yourself? That’s more than enough. You should just take a vacation!”

Guys, my fucking goal in life is not to take a vacation.** It’s to make an impact.

That’s why after a lot of thinking, I narrowed my choices down:

* Stay where I was, satisfied with the level I’d hit
* Make the decision to grow

I made the decision to keep growing. That single decision has been one of the best, most difficult decisions I’ve ever made.

So … stop tolerating AND start growing again.

Funny, I lost way more than 50 pounds at one point. And after enough stupid, pointless commentaries that “you look FINE now” — as if I didn’t before — I did give it up.

But now this life has grown as constrictive as my clothes since I started eating again.


I don’t know what to do. But it’s definitely time to do something else. Because I can’t name one thing I haven’t outgrown …

** It’s totally my goal in life to take a fucking vacation. You know. For a change.

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