Don’t share this with Streisand

Got to work before 6 a.m.

Normally I’d stay up working Sunday night. A new writer turns things in around 5 p.m. but I was able to hire a new editor who turns around the content edit at 4 a.m. So, it makes sense for me to just be up at the crack o’ me to do my own overhaul.

Anyway the morning has barely begun and while I’ve achieved a lot, I’m also exhausted and not functioning. And that means reading.

Was just catching up on last week’s JOLTS report and the Small Business Optimism survey. The latter says that finding “qualified candidates” is the third-biggest problem for small businesses right now.

No freaking kidding.

I smell a support-group idea.

Or a song — “People who need qualified people are the unhappiest people in the world …”

My best person is out this week. Wish me luck.

Oh, fuck luck. Send psychotropics.

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