SSDS (Same Shit, Different Shoes)

Another banner day in Dawn-dom. I swear, this is one I’m going to take to a therapist someday and point to various parts on the doll to show where it abused me.

I’ve taken this same photo at this same desk, although with different shoes. But what no one else will realize that I do is that my legs are thinner. 😉 Well, minus the muscles — I could totally kick someone’s ass. (And have. …) Really, is there any other reason to re-take this same stupid picture?

I sort of rediscovered a favorite song, “Little Black Sandals,” and since I love my black-and-silver ones, I kicked them up to complement the earworm. (Another earworm this week was “Amanda.” Thank you to everyone who is making my brain bleed this week!)

So anyway, so much to say, so much reticence toward saying it. If you can’t say it to who’s supposed to hear it, well, it’s not much fun saying it to anyone else, y’know?

But alas, as an episode of “The Hills” was aptly titled last season, “Truth and Time Tells All.” (And don’t get me started on how “The Hills” is airing opposite “Paranormal State.” I watch the latter and catch the former in reruns. Because, really. 🙂

So anyway, have a shit-ton of work to do before taking a fast ‘ho bath in the ladies’ room and frolicking off to dinner at a great restaurant with someone who’s hopefully just as intriguing. 😉 It’s quite a process, once you’ve got an ideal in your head, to try to move past it.

But you have to, I guess. That is, unless you get the balls to go after what you thought was your ideal. And since I’m feeling slightly neutered (spayed?), well, let’s just say my ass hurts and leave it at that. 😉

At least my shoes are cute, my skivvies are scandalous and my smiles will come easier, the more days that pass.

“Thank you feet, for guiding me
I’m glad somehow I got brains down there, at least.”

2 Responses to SSDS (Same Shit, Different Shoes)

  1. BillSaysThis :

    But… but… That’s a Windows on your screen?!?! Are we not Mac? We are Mac!

  2. chris hayes :

    I have to say, when you are in town for whatever festivities may be, you and my lady will have a blast shoe shopping. Jesus. H.