I was texting with Jupiter today. Not really missing him at the time, just saying hi because something reminded me of him today and I knew he’d find it thoughtful of me to share.

Then UF decided to reserve me for a day exactly a month from now. Because, I’ve said no the last thousand times he’s asked with little to no notice. Now let’s give me a month to carve this blessed event in stone, eh?

It’s a pub crawl. Which, people at his age (he has seven years on me) still do? Classy.

I even said do you notice I never contact you? It’s always you coming to me? And I never say yes? Do you want to put it together or shall I?

I was talking to Mom about it all and she said, “Jupiter spoiled you.”

It’s true. No pub crawls for him. He planned nice romantic dates. He was old-fashioned in all the good ways.

Jupiter took me to fun places. Dressed up and smelled good. Was pretty to look at. Always came prepared with conversation topics I’d appreciate. Opened my car door. Always walked on the exterior side of the sidewalk. Paid. Always polite. Always generous with a smile and a compliment, for everyone — even those who didn’t deserve it. That sometimes included me.

(Oddly, I just saw an article that the more successful the woman, the less the man spends on dates. Because, we are self-made and all. But he always did it up as big as he could — or as much as I’d let him, which I honestly tried to keep it low-key. Since he wouldn’t ever let me pay.)

Anyway, funny to hear from them in the same 20-minute span. So different.

Wonder if Mom’s right and nobody will ever impress me like Jupiter did. I’m open to meeting someone new and better for me, because he wasn’t without his challenges.

But someday, I’ll have that again. Better, even. I can feel it.

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