Cha cha cha

As luck should have it, I got to hear from another colleague from days of yore, also with kind words to say to/about me.

I have to say it’s really starting to smack me in the face that I belong back in Biz Dev. I really, really miss getting to talk to my friends all over the globe and call it work.

Of course, today I got to be a real product manager too. I worked with one of my editors for a good four hours on brainstorming.

I don’t know that we did a great job. But honestly, while it was exhausting, it was GREAT to be in charge of one of my products again.

Generally I’m just trying to plug my fingers and toes and elbows into the holes in the ship while throwing my body over the grenade someone tossed onto the deck I happened to be standing on. So, hooray for feeling somewhat alive again … even if my brain is DEAD after eight meetings today (oh yes, there were more).

In other news, I’m on Day 2 of 14 of medication my doctor gave me. No drinking, she says. For two whole weeks, she says. *bwahahaaahahahaaa*

Side effects of this are great. Not just the “may mess up your immune system further and make you resistant to future treatments,” but apparently “fatal diarrhea” has happened in some patients.

So far, no luck. But I think a poopsplosion is totally the way to go.

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