Some cheese to go with that whine?

It’s been a very expensive day here in the ‘hood. Not just because I paid bills this morning, but also because I’ve been mired in detail work that would be better left to an assistant if I actually had one. 🙂 Which means the “big” stuff will wait till later. But oh well. I am just so ready to kick these projects into gear that I don’t care what order I do ’em in.

Like someone said to me today, I’m paid to be an architect but really, I have to lay my own bricks, too. So which role is more important vs. which one will help me to move forward? I figure, as long as I don’t pat anyone on the head with a brick (self included), we call it a successful day.

In other news, there’s nothing much to report right now, which is nice. Had the migraine from hell last night and couldn’t get rid of it to save my life. See, the more I think, the more headaches I get. This is why thinking is banned from my head today. 🙂

I guess I was thinking back on a lot of plans I might have made in the recent past, and how nothing looks like what I imagined. I keep refraining from reading an old blog entry from April (it’s offline, so no linklove for it) about which I remember thinking, “It’s either going to serve as a milestone or something that will make me want to stab my temple with a pencil.”

Let me put it this way; a milestone it was not. 🙂

But still, it was something to look forward to, anyway. It was one of those times in which I just felt, y’know? I didn’t question it — I just went with it. I haven’t been like that in a long time. And it may be a long time before I go with that feeling of reckless abandon again. But it was good while it lasted, so hurrah for not missing out on spontaneity and serendipity when presented with it.

Speaking of impulses — impulsive spending, that is — the iPhone comes out Friday. I have been saving up for a MacBook and am wondering whether to just blow it on the phone. Besides, by the time I come up with enough money to buy a laptop, Apple will have run out of jungle animals after which to name all of its operating systems. (Panther, Tiger, Leopard, etc.) Fuck, they’ll be down to rodents and reptiles by the time I can afford a computer AND software!

Forget Jaguar … by the time I get in line, it’ll be Jagoff!

One Lonely Response to Some cheese to go with that whine?

  1. Lachlan :

    Wait for the Macbook. You’ll get WAY more use out of it. NEVER buy the first iteration of any product, you know it’s full of bugs. I loves me some Apple, but no, thanks.