Sober confessions 

So I never slept last night. Thanks, Thundercunt. 

That’s not the confession. 

The confession is that I was just surfing Faceypages and saw another friend bragging about their betrothed online, like I was ranting about last night. 

But my missive wasn’t aimed at them. I wonder if they think it was. 

How do you apologize for something you didn’t actually do?

In any event, I am not going to worry about or even speak of the things I was thinking about the people I originally wrote about. 

After today, that is. 

I’m just very hurt that they are in a position to help me with something very important but refuse to. But when someone benefits THEM, they are all over that. 

It makes me sad and it makes me realize that some of the things from my old life that/whom I miss so much, are part of the past for a reason. 

And having the good memories be proven incorrect hurts almost as much as a so-called friend literally not giving a shit about a matter that’s life-or-death to me because they don’t want to get involved if it distracts them from living their happy life. 

But Poor Them if things aren’t going well … and my sympathy has run out. 

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