So, only in MY WORLD does this happen…

OK, so I have a dead vehicle in my parking lot, as Mom hasn’t driven her car in months and the fucker won’t start.

And so OK, I left work today late and MY car wouldn’t start.

I called AAA and had to explain seven ways to Sunday that I work IN THE MIDDLE OF FUCKING NOWHERE and no, I don’t have any landmarks to tell you where to find me.

But then I got a call from the tow truck guy and he DID in fact know where to find me. But … he was an hour away.

Thank God I keep an emergency pack of cigarettes in the armrest — I went through half of it while I talked to my Greek goddess friend and waited.

I had joked with the tow truck guy that I wished there were a Starbucks I could go hide in. So when he came to my rescue, he brought coffee.

I think I’m in love!

Wow was he cute. So friggin’ cute. And he brought his little boy along, as it was quitting time for him when my call came through. I loved that kid.

Anyway, the guy gave me his number. It was subtle and all — he put it on the business card of a local garage he recommends.

Oh yeah, the starter is blown. It probably won’t start in the morning and if it does, I’ll probably need to call AAA AGAIN after work tomorrow.

I texted one of my colleagues who lives in my area. And I will have to hoof it two miles to Starbucks to meet him to get a ride with him. I’m hoping my car starts. *crosses fingers*

So anyway, I took advantage of my guy’s phone number. I texted to thank him and his son for rescuing me and getting me home.

He texted back right away that I’m sweet and I can call him anytime.

I think I might!

I dunno … I have been feeling all giddy and stupid because of another wonderful man who has found his way into my life, my head and, I’m thinking, my heart. But he may want to accelerate his game just a little. 🙂

Thank you, God. This has been the absolute best seven days of my life!

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