In over my head

Too much inside my head. Too much on my plate. Too many emotions in my heart.

Well, I gotta say this. God really does deliver three times what was taken from you. In my case, all at once!

I used to rue this particular day because of a birthday I once associated with it. This year, I actually found someone who agitates me more. So the day is just another one on the calendar again.

Speaking of what comes around, I sent Karma a big fat Christmas list. That’s because yesterday, I got forwarded an e-mail via a dear friend from a no-longer-dear friend, who was pimping out work I’d done THAT I HAVE STILL NOT BEEN PAID FOR.

My dear friend had sent to me to say hey, do you understand this subject matter? Because we will pay you to work with this stuff.

I replied back, oh yeah, I WROTE THAT SHIT. And I realized how SAD it is that the only way I will get paid for it is to repurpose it for someone else.

*cue Ben Folds’ “Song for the Dumped,” particularly the “Give me my money back, I want my money back, give me my money back, you bitch!” line*

Yes, somebunny’s trying to capitalize on what has, in effect, become my volunteer work. Not that I expect to see a penny from it. But damn, some people have some nerve, eh?

Let’s chalk it up to charity work. Because that business? Is going to FAIL. I am in a position to help right now and there is NO WAY IN HELL I will do anything that will put money in that pocket EVER AGAIN.

Another body in the “dead to me” pile.

If I didn’t have such a good day yesterday before I saw that, I’m sure I would have launched a big passive-aggressive campaign that I’m sure she would have countered in 10 different ways. And to not have to hear another story, excuse or half-assed “explanation,” I’m writing off that last $2,200. That’s my charity donation for a cause that isn’t going to last. Merry Christmas.

“And don’t forget, to give me back my black T-shirt…”

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