So I’m beginning to develop a complex

The other day, I was hiding out in a colleague’s office when someone came in, not expecting me to be there, and the poor guy jumped 10 feet. I laughed and said I believe that’s what my last blind date did, so it’s OK. He told me not to take it personally.

But THEN, I’m working late today (I do my best work at night, unfortunately. I suddenly got a spurt of inspiration for some report I’m working on and I’d keep it up but now I’m tired. Waah!). Anyway, our beloved guards come and check on us periodically to ensure we haven’t been kidnapped or that we haven’t slammed our heads into the copiers in a vain attempt to commit suicide by toner ingestion. But for some reason, I guess my guard didn’t notice my lights on because he wandered into my office and jumped 10 feet when he realized that yes, there’s still someone in here.

Seriously, I know I’m not supermodel material, but boys, please — you’re the ones scaring ME! I think I might need to work from home a lil more to keep everyone’s blood pressure relatively stable!!!

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