So, blonds.

I forgot how exciting it is to have cute boys checking me out in public.

Mom says they do all the time, but I noticed it twice this weekend. She caught it a third time that I missed.

Never considered blonds before, but hey, it’s Florida. Maybe I need to stop limiting myself to the dark-haired boys, with early hints of silver, these days.

I never settled when it comes to men. I’ve had a few feed me lines and outright lie to me. Mostly they were bosses. But still. The guard is never down and even for as pudgy-wudgy as I’ve been throughout most of my life, I NEVER took that as a reason to settle in the man department.

Anyway, I’ve been disgusted with an online dating site that promises guaranteed results. OMG. The hell, man. They all want people under a certain weight, and I can’t say I’ve seen anything attractive about any of them.

I wised up and put income restrictions on my respondents. And I’m not getting any respondents. Mostly because they all want some young, Skinny Minnie looking for a sugar daddy who is probably 10 years older than his lone photo (of himself — plenty of boat photos) conveys.

Such a shame that I’ve always been confident in myself but it takes melting off 15 pounds for others to see it. Of course, the shorts I wore today that haven’t fit in two years really DID look damn cute!

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