I was just about to type a list of all the things that irked the fabulous fuck out of me today, but I will digress.

I will say, when everybody else “Chooses Themselves,” who’s left to pick up the slack?

Anyway, I look toward the north to my lovely friends who went from a “couple” to a “family” in just one weekend, and I realize, they’re doing something that counts. They are taking a break from everybody and everything else (minus the house full of loving grandparents and great-grandparents) and they are investing in what matters. Their future. Their present. Their NOW. Their insanely cute little boy. Their relationship. Their family who dropped everything to rush to their side. Investments that will more than pay off when this ephemera wears off.

What am I investing in today, except for a few pennies that got thrown into my 401(k)? What relationships did I build? What texts/e-mails/Faceypages messages did I answer? What connection did I make with my mom, my friends or basically any other human who either wasn’t asking me for something or avoiding my requests for something else?

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