Situational serendipity

I’m truly one of those people who believes in situational serendipity — being in the right place at the right time, having people come into your life for a finite purpose, and all that jazz.

I treated last night that way. I didn’t want to get into the muss and fuss of contact information because what I needed right then was somebody full of compliments who was willing to provide a little physical closeness. Whatever he needed, I don’t really know, but in trusting my gut, I knew that this was one of those times when the ephemera would probably wear off, if pushed beyond the bounds in which it grew.

But the one thing haunting me was when he said, “What if you’re the one I’m meant to be with?”



What if I were the one he’s waiting for, indeed.

No one’s ever said that to me before.

And who’s not to say he wasn’t the one I needed just as much?

Again, going on instinct, my feeling was no, we were definitely not meant to be that for each other.

But then again, on the rare occasion I felt someone could be that for me, I wasn’t exactly right about it. Or maybe I was but that whole situational serendipity overruled it. The beauty is right here, right now, but the reality is dead-wrong otherwise.

I don’t know.

I think I saved us both from disappointment down the road.

I hope, anyway.

All these “what ifs” that I live with in the name of supposedly knowing what’s right. …

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