So I’m late to the party with this, but I was sort of drunk while I was watching it, but OMIGOD, Izzie slept with George! Seriously!!!

I had to admit I was rooting for Alex and Izzie to get back together, as he’s turned out to be human and, well, she’s a lonely girl. And we all know how frustrated we become after we haven’t gotten any for awhie. 😉 And there he is, living in the house now — yeah, in George’s old room but still, a girl wouldn’t turn away a hot guy who happens to be in the proximity. (Admittedly, I really want to see Alex and Addison together, but if Addison’s getting her own show — um, squee! — I doubt they’d do that “90210”/”Melrose” show crossover thing.)

In any event, I don’t love losing Addison from the show. Of everyone on that show that I have a crush on, I think she’s the clear winner.

However it ends up for any of them, the best line from the Grey’s Writer’s blog was that “Maybe the best relationship you’ll ever have … you’re already having.”

And yes, it’s sad that I check in more on these characters than I do on my own friends. 😉 But hey, they’re my standing Thursday night date!

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